My name is Gili Maria Luisa and I was born on 06/10/61 in Grosseto (Italy).

My professional qualifications:

Medical Degree at Milan University presenting a thesis about Pathology of Eating Behavior on 10/30/87 with 110/110 and honors
Medical License on 12/31/87 (enrolled in Ordine Provinciale dei Medici Chirurghi di Grosseto, n°1910).
Postgraduate qualification in Psychiatry at Milan University on 7/11/91 with 70/70 and honors
Diploma on Classical Homeopathy at the 3-yrs school "Mario Garlasco” - Associazione Lycopodium di Homeopathia Europea, Milan 1992. Enrolled in "Elenco dei Medici Omeopati dell'Ordine dei Medici"(Legge Regionale n.9 13/02/07, Regolamentazione Medicine non Convenzionali).
Psychotherapy License (legge 56/89).

My professional activities:

trainee psychiatrist doctor at Department of Psichiatry- Pathology of Eating Behaviour of Milan University, for 4 years (1987 - 1991).
doctor at school health services for children and teens at USSL 3 in Milan , for 3 years (1990 - 1993).
doctor at emergency call-out unit at USSL 67 in Garbagnate Milanese (MI), for about 2 years (1992-93).
family doctor at ASL 3 - Città di Milano, for 10 years (1993 - 2003).
private homeopath from 1992.
online homeopath from august 2007.

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M.D. Gili Maria Luisa e-mail: dott_mluisa.gili@omeopatiadinamica.it
cell: 3315210934, P.IVA 11024640150